Saturday, August 23, 2008

My love

Nightmares... Can you please go away from me?

This is not the first time, and I experienced this for a few times.
Even though I am trying to get through, to overcome all of this.
Why I still cant run away from you.

I should be happier now right
I have lots of jobs, lots of appointment,
So that I would not have any time to think about the things which will upset me.

Thanks for those who really care and concern about me,
buying breakfast for me, buying fruits and tidbits for me,
asking how I am doing, and company me for every meal,
These are the things which I never had before,
when my eyes only have one person.

I am appreciate, really...
Thanks god for giving such a big challenge,
from turning one love, to many loves.

At first, I might not accept the big changes in my life,
I know, I can get it, and know why god want me to do this.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome Crystalbelle to my world.

I went back to my hometown- Muar last weekend , to have a first visit with my sweety niece, Crystalbelle.
Thanks Mr Kent for the lovely name, everyone loves the name so much as we love the baby.

Yesterday... 100808, is my lil Hang Hang 2nd years old birthday. He is still very stubborn and dun wan to call me, haha. But I feel so shocked when I heard he sang "Happy birthday..." while everyone sang the birthday song for him.

They are just too cute... and you really will feel the happiness when you be with them.

Happy... is just so simple thing.

I moved again

So many times after I moved here moved there moved here moved there... finally I have my own house. I decide to stay here, and start my new life.

Finally I think... I can put down all the past, no matter is good... or bad. Is good to have someone can share with, someone I like, and someone who likes me. I really appreciate your appearance in my life.

Even there is still a long path for me to walk to, I believe, you all will be by my side and walk with me... right.

Thanks for everyone who is around me when I thought the world is going to broke down on me, when I thought I am going to die soon. Even if you are the one concern about me, and care about me. Filling all my time...fully with fun and joyful.

Believe me... I am ok now, and now is the time for me to start my new life, let's start with me, ok?

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


My first post